I miss you too grandma…

If you'd asked me yesterday if June 25 was an important day, I think I would have said no. But this morning at 4am I got a notice that I had a new voice mail. When I checked it, it was from June 25, 2010 from my grandma.

I thought it was gone and I'd never hear that magical voice on my phone again! It was so typical of our relationship, she said "MaryHelen, it's grandma, I wish you didn't spend so much time flying, I worry. Penny showed me a picture of you in new york, I just don't know about you MaryHelen. Love you. Call me back. .. this is grandma"

She always laughed and said "I don't know about you" anytime I did anything she didn't think was circumspect!

But then... in an even more random of random things, my “memory from today” on facebook popped up...

So to the powers that be, thank you for letting me know my Grandma was thinking about me today! #awed #blessed #loved #ripgrandma

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