I really do love this woman’s perspective. I honestly get sick of hearing how “great you have it” or “it’s always been so easy for you” from people who have no clue what I did.


Working full time as an unpaid intern, driving 90 minutes each way to do said free job, all while going to graduate school full time. Working 40 hours a week (again.. for free), driving 3 hours a day, taking night classes two nights a week and all day on saturdays, studying all day on sunday. Most of those 40 hours a week were taking notes, running errands for doctors, ordering food and scheduling meetings — and quite often, while being called sweetie, honey and kiddo (and with quite a few taps to my rear on the way out of offices). I was blessed to earn a job with my company after my internship — making minimum wage with no benefits and now working 50 hours a week, but being paid for 40 all while finishing my MBA.

I lost friends, missed baby showers and birthday parties, gained 30 lbs while eating in my car on the way to and from work and having no time to workout. However, I paid my dues, I got hired into a solid role with the same company, I made a “decent” salary and I learned a lot from some really great people who had awesome experience. I was exhausted, I was frustrated, I was poor and I was often humiliated, but… I learned a lot, I got a great deal of experience and it taught me the importance of working hard, having humility and how to appreciate how hard it really is to make it in this world.

Nothing is handed to you, nothing is promised and frankly, nothing is easy. When they tell you to “suck it up” and “put on your big girl panties” it’s because we all had to do it.

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