It’s Not A Happy Thanksgiving for the Native Americans (Again!)

To my friends and family, a note….

I don’t believe that in good conscious, I can celebrate Thanksgiving this year.

Although we may be grateful for good harvests, I don’t think my family can sit down and eat and celebrate amongst ourselves as our fellow Native Americans are being attacked on the frontlines of North Dakota. It’s so reminiscent of the “First Thanksgiving” where we calmly sat with people who had stolen our land, our food, attacked and killed our tribesmen and called us savages and heathens.

So until something is done to help our people save the water (that is on the land we already had and were “given” back by the European settlers in good faith), stop the pipeline, and be treated with respect, rather than shot at with rubber bullets, sprayed with mace and hosed at freezing temperatures, I say we take a day of fasting in a show of support.

I say we take the money we would have spent on turkey dinners with all the fixings and donate it to the people who are peacefully protesting the oil and land grubbing evilness in North Dakota.

I say we don’t toss out “Happy Thanksgiving” while we are in a flat out war on Native Americans who are peacefully protesting on their own land.

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Medical assistance to the front line to treat open wounds from rubber bullets and high powered water cannons.