Providence and St. Joseph pledge 100 Million dollars to Mental Health Awareness

We’ve all been touched by mental health illness -whether it’s your family, your friend or yourself, you know it’s one of the many things in this world that you struggle to understand and come to terms with.

When we started this journey to announce the merger of Providence Health & Services and St. Joseph Health we knew it would be a coming together for a joined force. We talked about the need for an Institute for Mental Health and Awareness, for the need for research — and to provide mental health care for the poor and vulnerable. So I knew it was an important mission. I just didn’t realize how much it would touch me.

I have rarely in my career been so emotionally overwhelmed to be a part of something so big and so important. When we announced our Institute for Mental Health today and our 100 Million dollar investment, I was in tears — and I’d already known that’s what we were announcing for quite some time. But then our CEO took it one step further and announced that the company would donate 1.43 Million into local mental health care in the name of our 143,000 employees. To work for a brand that makes you feel like you actually make a difference, that you go to work each and every day to literally change the world — that’s worth more than any stock option, sexy brand logo or golden lion I’ve ever seen!!

Read our CEO’s blog to learn more:

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