Doing It My Way

Wendi C. Thomas, the founder of MLK50, created her own newsroom where she and her team are creating change for their community

Wendi C. Thomas, a prolific reporter and the founder of MLK50, learned the limitations of a single narrative as a child. When her father would drive her to school, they would listen to NPR together in the mornings. After the story was over, her father would turn off the radio…

Make professional connections just like all the Jareds and Matts in your office

AsAs the child of immigrants, I was raised to be quiet—to keep my head down, work hard, and always be modest about my accomplishments. These are lessons that stuck with me even as I grew up and entered the workforce: I hated networking. I was deeply uncomfortable promoting myself. I…

Her love of dance, makeup, and fashion radiated from the inside out

This story is part of Know Their Names, a collection of articles illuminating and celebrating the lives of Black Trans women.

WWhen Tracy Single took the floor at Houston’s Montrose Grace Place (MGP), an evening drop-in center for youth experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity, she owned it. The 22-year-old…

Finally, our music icons don’t have to be larger than life to get attention

“I woke up like this — flawless.”

We all remember the iconic titular line of Beyoncé’s 2014 hit, “***Flawless.” The anthem, like other singles at the time such as “Run the World” and “Single Ladies,” encouraged women — and particularly Black women — to see and embrace their beauty, away…

Mary Retta

Mary writes about culture, wellness, politics, and identity. Her work is in Medium, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Vice, Allure, Bitch Media, Nylon, and more.

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