you want it darker: on race, Trump, apocalypse, and the need for more prophets than priests.
Jonathan Martin

Life is full of nuances, Pastor and its absolutely insulting for you to

judge — when you don’t acknowledge the truth . It’s not un Christian to

want to avoid being the victims of illegal alien crime or to want these

sometimes violent criminals sent back where they came from .

All of my friends have been victims of these crimes , multiple times ,

in some incidences . My neighbor’s son was killed by an illegal

alien drunk driver . A darling boy with a wonderful outstanding

family . You can add tens of thousands of examples to this . Their

lives are more important than the victimizers . The government

has not seen this nor done much to help .

We have no obligation to be helpless victims — nor I might

add — to sit bay and see 10 tons of drugs come over our borders each and every

year .

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