Week 2 Trump

Log of Key Actions and Events — 1/28/17 to 2/3/17

Another overwhelming week. We can’t let anything fall through the cracks. Americans must do whatever we can to protect our country at this dangerous time, and our service begins with awareness.

For my friends and myself, I’ve culled verified news sources to create a log of Key Actions and Events since the inauguration. Please offer additions or corrections, with sources. Every word must be true.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Washington Post, Reuters, Bloomberg, AP, The Economist, The Atlantic, Politico. Due to the need for speed, I don’t cite sources per item, so just search ’em up for more info.

Saturday, 1/28/17

Immigration Ban — EO is in effect since signed by #45 yesterday. Students, visitors and green-card-holding legal permanent US residents from the seven countries, plus refugees worldwide, are held at airports in the U.S. and abroad. Some are blocked and sent back. Consulates are ordered to stop Visa interviews. Airline crew members from the affected countries are blocked from entry.

•Bannon Overrules Homeland Security — Dept. of Homeland Security decides ban doesn’t apply to green card holders of these countries, or those with dual citizenship, but Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon at White House, overrule them.

60,000 Visas Secretly Confiscated — In federal court Friday, Justice Dept lawyers said visas had been revoked from the countries (not been included in original EO)

Protests — Thousands of people protest in US airports and cities

Condemnation— EO widely condemned by religious groups, business leaders, immigration policy experts, academics and Democrats

Praise — Some Republican leaders, including House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, and Trump supporters, such as Evangelical Leader Franklin Graham, praise the ban.

Intent of Ban Confirmed — Former New York mayor Rudy W. Giuliani tells Fox News President Trump asked for a “Muslim ban” and requested he assemble a commission to show him “the right way to do it legally.”

Jihadists Celebrate — Jihadist groups hail the travel ban as a victory, saying the new policy validates their claim that the United States is at war with Islam, celebrating President Trump as “the best caller to Islam”.

Judge Blocks Part of EO — A federal judge in Brooklyn blocks part of the order, saying those being held at airports across the US should not be sent back to their home countries.

Other Judges Also Block — Federal judges in three additional states — Massachusetts, Virginia and Washington — issue similar rulings.The judge in Massachusetts also says the government cannot detain the travelers.

Weak Lobbying EO #45 signs EO on lobbying. Analysts say result is a net weakening of Obama-era controls

Sunday, 1/29/17

Protests continue in cities around the country against the immigration ban; a large rally is held outside the White House

Koch Bros Opposition Industrialist Charles Koch, speaking in Palm Springs to 550 major right-wing political/policy donors, warns that the US is facing a moment of “tremendous danger”. Separately, Koch Brothers announce opposition to immigration ban.

EO Green Card Possible Backtrack Reince Priebus, White House chief of staff, says green card holders from the seven banned countries could return to the United States “going forward,” possibly authorizing a reversal of a key component of the EO.

Monday, 1/30/17

More Protests 40 Nobel Laureates and thousands of academics sign protest against the EO

Iran/Iraq Response — Iran retaliates to ban by restricting travel by U.S. nationals; Iraq decides no retaliation

U.S. Attny General Refuses to Implement EO — Acting Attorney General Sally Yates says U.S. Justice Dept will not implement EO, writing she is “not convinced it is legally defensible”. #45 fires her, writing she has “betrayed Justice Department”.

White House Threatens Government Employees — White House warns diplomats unhappy with EO to ‘get with the program’ or ‘go’, sparking fear of reprisals against 1000 State Dept civil servants who used legally protected channels to send communication stating “we are better than this.”

Coal in Streams OK — GOP votes to end protection stopping coal debris from being dumped in streams

No Tax Returns — Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway states #45 will not release his tax returns (e.g ever)

Plan to Defeat ISIS — #45 orders Defense Dept to come up with a plan within 30 days to defeat ISIS

Call with Putin — #45 has phone call with Putin. Kremlin produces detailed 10-paragraph readout of the conversation; White House releases one-paragraph statement saying simply that President Trump received a “congratulatory call from Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

#45 Appoints Bannon to Security Council Principals Committee, Replaces Joint Chiefs of Staff on Security Council Principals Committee— Appoints Steve Bannon (Senior Strategist and alt-right publication Breitbart Publisher) to sit on National Security Council Principals Committee, replacing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (highest ranking member of the US Military). In addition, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Director of National Intelligence are demoted, and “will attend only when the Council is considering issues in direct line of responsibilities.” Later the EO is amended and the Dir. of Nat’l Intel is added back on.

•Trump Tax Plan Greatly Benefits his Company — #45’s tax-overhaul proposal preserves millions of dollars in savings for his family’s companies, per a WSJ investigation

•First Counterterrorism Raid Ends Tragically — An American commando is killed and three other soldiers wounded in Yemen firefight with Qaeda militants in #45’s first counterterrorism operation. A Qaeda leader is believed to be killed. President calls the raid successful, “capturing important intelligence to assist the U.S. in preventing terrorism.” Medics at the scene say civilians, including 10 women and children are killed.

•Video clips presented by U.S. military as evidence of the raid’s success are discovered to have been on the internet for 10 years. The Pentagon later acknowledges error.

Flynn Probe — Democratic lawmakers seek a Pentagon probe into National Security Advisory Mike Flynn, for potentially violating the U.S. Constitution’s Emoluments Clause as a retired lieutenant general by earning money from appearances on Russian TV

Terrorist attack in Quebec City — A right-wing, anti-immigrant “lone-wolf” terrorist attacks a suburban Quebec City mosque as worshipers are finishing their prayers. Six people are killed and 19 are wounded, five critically. The terrorist is French-Canadian. Prime Minister of Canada demands that Fox News retract its false coverage that shooter is Morrocan

Cabinet Boycott — Democrats boycott confirmation hearings of Price and Mnuchin, blocking votes, Republicans overrule

Currency Manipulation— Top trade adviser says Germany is using a “grossly undervalued” euro to “exploit” its trading partners in Europe and the United States, comments that trigger a spike in the euro’s value

Tuesday, 1/31/17

Pipeline Re-start — Army Corps are ordered to clear way for Dakota Access

Scalia Replacement Named — Neil Gorsuch is selected by #45 for supreme court. 49 YO, Columbia, Harvard, Colorado appeals court. Characterized as “Scalia 2.0”. Judge Thomas Hardiman (runner up) is asked by Administration to “drive towards Washington” to heighten drama prior to Trump’s live announcement of selection

Falwell Named for Higher Ed Reform — #45 invites Jerry Falwell Jr., evangelical leader, President of Liberty Univerity, and Avid Trump supporter, to lead a federal task force to reform higher education

Wednesday, 2/1/17

#45 wants simple majority approval for court pick — #45 urges Senate GOP to use “Nuclear Option”, scrapping 60-Vote rule for court pick

•#45 insults Australian PM — #45 cuts off call with Australian PM saying, “this is the worst call (to world leaders) he’s had so far”

US to possibly default on refugee agreement with Australia — #45 later tweeting the Refugee Agreement is ‘dumb,’ refers to the refugees as “illegal immigrants”, and hints at a possibly breaking agreement (affects 1250 refugee families held at camp in Australia)

House GOP makes corporate bribes ok again — House GOP kills protection making corporations reveal bribes made to foreign governments for drilling and mining. Former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson (now Secretary of State) fought law when initially enacted 7 years ago.

House GOP says contractors don’t have to disclose violations anymore — House GOP removes requirement for contractors to disclose labor law violations before being hired.

#45 rips off country club members, has to pay $6M. Judge orders Trump to refund $6 million to Jupiter, FL country club members for confiscating their refundable deposits

#45 complains about media coverage — #45 complains about unfair treatment by media at Black History listening session

Reducing regulations EO is Unlikely — #25 — signs executive order requiring for each new regulation created, two regulations will be eliminated. (Reviews say this order is “for show” as not written with knowledge of existing system of checks and laws.)

•Berkeley protests cancel Breitbart editor speech — UC Berkeley violent protestors force cancellation of white nationalist Breitbart editor invited by Campus Republicans to speak. University spokesperson states 100 armed, black-clad paramilitaristsinvaded the campus and engaged in violent, destructive behavior which forced the police to cancel the event. #45 tweeted a threat to remove funding from University.

Thursday, 2/2/17

Mentally Ill and Guns — House GOP kill regulation blocking Americans with serious mental illness receiving disability from buying guns

Russia in Crimea — In reversal, #45 demands that Russia withdraw from Crimea (in line with U.S. policy)

•Russian Sanctions Amended — Press Secretary Sean Spice states Treaasury Dept. has amended Obama Russian sanctions which prevented U.S. companies from exporting electronic products to Russia

•Netanyahu Warned — #45 warns Netanyahu against construction of new settlements, in line with long-held U.S. policy

•Church/State Separation — #45 repeats campaign promise to “get rid of and totally destroy Johnson Amendment” which prohibits churches and other nonprofit tax-exempt institutions from endorsing and funding political candidates

#45 attacks Schwarzenegger — At National Prayer Breakfast, #45 attacks Arnold Schwarzenegger for ratings on Celebrity Apprentice

•Conway Alternative Facts — Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway cites “terrorist massacre” in Kentucky that never happened, claiming “most people don’t know about it because it didn’t get covered.” (later recants)

Trump Impeachment -Public Policy Polling (left-leaning) — shows 40% of registered voters favor impeaching President Trump

Friday, 2/3/17

Net Neutrality winding down — FCC (Federal Communications Commission) begins reversing course on net neutrality, closing inquiries into cellphone carriers’ free video streaming programs

Subsidized broadband removed — FCC removes nine companies from a subsidized broadband to the poor program

•Trump merchandise dropped — Neiman Marcus drops Ivanka Trump jewelry line, Nordstrom jewelry and clothing lines, citing poor performance

CIA past revealed — Gina Haspel, who oversaw the torture of two terrorism suspects and later took part in an order to destroy videotapes documenting their torture at a secret prison in Thailand, is named to the #2 position in the CIA

New Iran Sanctions — Administration imposes new sanctions on Iran over recent missile tests; Iran vows retaliation

•#45 attacks Schwarzenegger #2 — tweets second personal attack on Arnold Schwarzenegger about Celebrity Apprentice ratings

Fiduciary Rule Ending — #45 signs EO to potentially end the Fiduciary Rule, a consumer protection to force financial professionals to act in customers’ best interests when giving advice about their retirement accounts. Rule was set to begin in April. President’s Director of the National Economic Council, former Goldman Sachs exec, reportedly wants it gone

Dodd-Frank protections may end — #45 signs Executive Order calling for a review and eventual change to the Dodd-Frank protections enacted in 2010 in response to the financial crisis. President’s economic advisor (former Goldman Sachs President) says this will free the banking sector and economy

Iran Sanctions — Treasury Departments issues sanctions against 25 individuals and businesses connected to Iran’s ballistic missile program after the country’s test launch of a missile last weekend. Iran vows to retaliate

Removal of Public Docs — A national research watchdog group condemns the administration for removing thousands of documents relevant to enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act and the Horse Protection Act from the Department of Agricultures webite
Loss of Transparency — It is reported the White House comment line is shut down, new signatures are not being counted on petitions posted on the White House’s website, and federal agencies no longer allowed to respond to requests.

Alienating Friends— European Presidents and Prime Ministers, attending a summit in Malta, criticize #45 over his anti-EU rhetoric and lack of respect. The leaders reject Theresa May’s attempt to position herself as a bridge. Dalia Grybauskaitė, the Lithuanian president,states: “I don’t think there is a necessity for a bridge. We communicate with the Americans on Twitter.”
Alienating Friends, continued— E.U. President names ISIS, Russia and Trump as Europe’s biggest threats at the summit

#45 Conflict of Interest New documents on the president’s trust, set up to allay fears of conflicts of interest, show he has put little distance between himself and his businesses per WSJ investigation

Ban Unlawful — A U.S. District Court Judge, appointed by George W. Bush, overturns and temporarily shuts down all significant aspects of the Immigration Bank. Rules in favor of the attorney generals of Washington state and Minnesota on EO overturn lawsuit. Apple, Microsoft and Expedia supported State of Washington with suit. #45 late night tweet storm refers to “so-called judge” and “ridiculous opinion”

End of Week 2 Trump. Somebody contact Billy Joel; there may be song potential.