Project Integration Management

  1. Planning

3. Outline Web Site

Library Information System

1. Planning

1.1. Check the place if the school is access in internet.

1.1.1. The LAN connection

2. Gathering Data

2.1. Collect all title of the book

2.1.1. Specification of the book

2.1.2. Location

2.1.3. Author

2.1.4. Book number

2.2. The person in charge to the library

2.2.1. Librarian

2.2.2. Assistant

2.2.3. Security

3. Coding

3.1. Creating a home page

3.1.1. HTML

3.2. Storage of all data

3.2.1. PHP

3.4. Framework of the program

3.4.1. Java programming

4. Design

4.1. Making a prototype

5. Testing

5.1. Installing in the computer system

5.2. Access of the program

6. Implementation


4.Write a short paper based on the chapter’s opening case. Answer the ff. question (Information Technology Project Management,7 e page 140, opening case.)

a.What could Nick have done to be better project manager ?

  • He should concentrate on managing all the aspects of project and give the precise schedules or detailed plan to the team member.

b.Does the case present a realistic scenario?Why or Why not?

-Yes it does ,because even in real company it happened due to e responsible leader in team.

c.Was Nick Carson a good project manager? Why or Why not?

  • No he’s not, because he doesn’t have a good communication to their team member.

d.What should top management have done to help Nick?

  • The top management should inform or orient Nick about what the project goes so he would be aware what he need to do as leader.

e.What could Nick have done to be a better project manager?

  • He should be more responsible in managing their team member to create a better plans for project.
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