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A Plea to the Rational GOP

I am an Independent who leans left, but has voted Republican. I believe in collaboration between the two political parties, so I am happy to see some sanity here. Of course, I disagree with you on some things, but I really, really wish to see two political parties again who can collaborate and compromise in order to get the peoples’ work done. Some of the best legislation, in the past, was bipartisan. For far too long now, our Federal Government has been horribly dysfunctional.

If this had been a regular election with the traditional transfer of power between the two parties, the progressive/liberal side would have been unhappy but fine. As it is right now, there are many people on the left who are terrified of how Trump may be able to change the laws and even the Constitution of the U.S. with the help of Republicans who think like he does.

In addition, currently many American citizens are being harrassed and threatened by some of the hate filled Trump supporters, who feel that Trump’s election gave them a green light to carry out this kind of behavior. To date, Trump only has told them in a mild way to stop it…hardly effective. There are laws against this kind of behavior, and it is unAmerican, but no one really seems to care. We feel that this is only the beginning of the death of the American way. For anyone in America to be afraid of the political party in office is unquestionably unAmerican.

A third really big fear for the progressive/liberal side is two fold: with Trump’s lack of personal control and ethics, we fear he may share top secret information with Putin and others that would endanger our Country; and, last by not least, we are terrified that such a person has access to the nuclear button that could be used to blow everyone up.

In your efforts, I sincerely hope you also will work to protect all of us and against what is inhumane and inherently wrong.

Do you have any comments on these concerns?

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