It’s hard to see though, how Millennials could have played such a powerful role in the election of…
barb dybwad

Barb…please also see my response to Holly before you categorize people by age. Yes, Boomers (I am one) would like to be able to enjoy what we have worked very hard to achieve. Dispite the helps our parents gave us, most of us have worked very hard in life. Regardless, I do feel awful for the world the GenXers and Millennials now have to try to negotiate. We Boomers had life much better when we were younger. Maybe our parents tried to give us Boomers a better life in many ways, and succeeded, while giving their grandchildren an ultimately impossible life. Parents of Boomers also wanted a decent life after what they had been through. Maybe this is why corporate greed caught on as well as it did. It was not the Boomer generation of CEO’s who got rid of the pension plans, good health insurance for their employees, made workplaces into unimaginable stations for lifelong careers, etc. All of the humane ways of living and working that Boomers started their careers in starting disappearing when we Boomers were young, as Millennials are today. The transition to the more spartan protocols took effect, across the board, for the GenX generation, and have trickled down. Now corporations need to find a middle ground of human understanding and compassion again in order to truly boost production and keep their workforces healthy and happy.

Lesson of the moment…do NOT categorize people. You cannot speak for all of the people you categorize.

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