Rivers, Railroads, Highways and Relationships; continued.
Kristian Blom

Conservatism (Republicanism) vs. Progressivism/Liberalism (Democratism)

You say that younger people are more used to “a diffuse flow of information” and basically non-rigid thinking. (Such practices would tend to make these younger people into progressives or liberals.) And, that part of the reason for less rigid thinking is that younger people are used to questioning information on the Internet, and looking up perhaps diverse opinions or facts there. People of all ages have had the Internet long enough now that that statement could be true of most of us. However, to get back to your argument, these young people, due to their open-mindedness and skepticism would tend to go more with non-traditionalism while older people would tend to be more traditional. This is the old Democrat vs. Republican divide.

Sorry, I believe it is a matter of youth, being Internet savy and education. You left out discussion of the educated masses, especially those with advanced degrees. We overly educated people with advanced degrees are used to conducting thorough research from all angles of subject matter and pulling information together to arrive at well documented conclusions, while pointing out additional areas of needed inquiry. And, we the almost too well educated masses, come in all sizes, colors, sexes, and ages. We are better able to see the big picture due to being able to seek out and evaluate the choices, particulars of the choices, projected results, etc. So, I believe the younger, less set-in-their-ways people, along with Internet savy people and better educated people tend to be less traditional and more flexible. Many older people are in the last two categories. This would tend to make them more progressive or liberal.

Meanwhile, it definitely is true that the fact that we are one people, connected in myriad ways, is the most important fact overall of why it “takes a village” to survive. It is one reason why I think that the Republican value of individual independence and fighting for individual rights and wants is a waning outlook. That perspective may have been what was needed when this Country was founded, but our society and means for survival are much different today. Artificial Intelligence/Robotics in the near future may well replace the necessity of human workplaces and human labor. Then, no one will need a job for physical survival. The problem, at that point, will not be how independent or dependent upon other people and government anyone is…it will be how society sets up a financial system to support everyone in their leisure.

As we all evolve, I believe we all will become more progressive/liberal in our social understandings. And, this will not cause a problem in the balance of our democracy. We’ll probably continue to have at least two camps of philosophies…i.e., conservative vs. progressive/liberal. However, the conservative camp will be less overbearing, as it will pertain more towards financial management and other non-pointedly social concepts.