President-Elect Donald Trump
Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren,

I hear you, but I think you have on rose colored glasses.

I have good friends who are very conservative and feel very glad, wonderful and assuaged that Donald Trump won the election. They expect the ACA to be scrapped…not overhauled…but scrapped altogether. They mistakenly believe that the Dems have gutted the military (he is ex-military and both are in their late 70's), not understanding that we don’t need a big military anymore because we have more high tech ways of fighting. You name it, they want it changed to yesteryear when they felt more secure about how things were and were done. Forget that Trump is a bigot, narcissist, childish, unpredictable, a misogynist, etc., etc. These are the traits that all of us would have been horrified to have had in past leaders and Presidents. They won’t even discuss the hatred, intolerance, etc. that Trump spews and generates in too many people. (I think these people secretly are prejudiced.)

Your message is fine in itself, but I think you don’t understand that the Republicans think Obama was one of the worse, if not the very worst, President in history, and they want everything he has done to be totally scrapped, dismantled and swept away. They want everything their way and only their way. Forget that they talked for years about doing something about healthcare and then never did a thing. It irks me to no end that they then had the nerve to complain and did everything they could to obstruct the ACA. It’s no wonder we couldn’t get a decent healthcare package with their obstruction and naysaying.

I personally am fed up with all the really awful back and forth vitriol between the political parties on philosophies, especially that coming from the Republican side, which is unyielding and narrow. I don’t want to live in the past because it felt safer; I don’t want to put up with all the hatred, intolerance, bigotry, misogyny and fear they project any more; I don’t want people in what is still one of the richest countries on earth not to have good healthcare; I’m tired of hearing excuses that end up sounding like money is what really matters and that any means of acquiring it are OK; I don’t want to hear that Dems keep raising taxes, etc. In some cases, Dems do raise taxes too much, and that is wrong. However, we need the wherewithal to take care of the infrastructure that everyone uses. But, according to the Republicans, the monetary expenditures on infrastructure are not needed any more than actions are needed to save the environment.

The Republicans did nothing but obstruct Obama when he tried to do what was right for everyone. It is now time for the Dems to take off the velvet gloves and obstruct the Republicans on what is important to them. They need to learn what it is like to take their own medicine. If the Dems kowtow to them in trying to be reasonable, there will always be the obstructionism coming from the Republicans when Dems are in office. Today, Republicans are quite intolerant and it shows clearly in their actions and words. Very, very few of them even know what the word, “compromise” means. I’m sorry, but this should be war…period.

If both political parties had not been so concerned with their own agendas, but instead had listened to the people and really tried to work for “we, the people,” we all would have done something already to help the white blue collar people who are so angry right now, and rightfully so. And, we wouldn’t have this monster of a problem. White blue collar workers mistakenly think that Donald Trump knows how to help them, and will do it now. I say it will be a miracle if his administration can even figure it out.

Dems have been too nice throughout history. You and Hillary both want to help Donald Trump now. I know it’s in part because you want to be able to influence how his administration does things. However, true Republicans have never wanted to help Dem administrations…they’ve only ever wanted to tear them down and obstruct them. Only moderate Republicans would agree to help Dems, and they are a very rare commodity now.

I and my husband are elderly (in our 60’s and early 70's), and are too old to emigrate. But, I would do it in a heartbeat if we could. I am totally fed up with the constituency of this Country. This is not what America was supposed to be, especially not with the occult cancer of hate, bigotry, sexism, misogyny, intolerance, etc. that has pretty much surfaced and then gone undercover throughout the centuries in the U.S., but has come out in force lately. I have quite a few Revolutionary War Patriots in my ancestry, and I’m sure they are spinning in their graves now over what this Country has become and is on a track to become due to narrow-mindedness and a lack of empathy. Our experiment of a Country would not have been born and survived if our Founding Fathers had been so narrow-minded. They had their problems, but were able to think outside the box.

Everyone on both sides of this political divide now are angry, exhausted and fed up. We’ve all waited too long for Washington to do right by us. If real solutions are not found soon, who knows what will happen. And, it may even be uglier than Trump!