You Do Not Have To Be Patriotic! (And Other Fun Takeaways from the Kaepernick Kerfuffle)
Nathan Rabin

I already responded to this wonderful blog earlier, but as I contemplated the vastness of the phenomena of hate and racism in our Country, I felt I had a bit more to say. For whatever reason, I feel it is important to say that I believe things are coming to a head in crisis, along the lines of racial hatred and intolerance of all kinds in the U.S. now. The resolution may well involve another civil war, what with emotions sky high in all quarters. Athough I hope it won’t take such a drastic turn, there is a lot to overcome that involves, for some of the issues, at least two centuries of history. My personal hope is that Millenials, in their youthful non-biased, tell-it-like-it-is honesty, will be the catalyst for the deliverance of our Nation’s soul. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, I believe, is supported by spiritual forces during this particular time in our National history, in order to call things as they are and to at least begin the excision of this anti-American cancer in our midst. His campaign, if it does nothing else, is laying bare the unspoken climate of white supremacy, hate and nefarious racism that long have been an undercurrent in our society for white people. Black, brown, yellow and red people always have known it is there.

A while ago I discovered that the great American singer, Tina Turner, is now a Swiss citizen who lives in Geneva, Switzerland. She had to become fluent in the German language in order to be able to become a Swiss citizen…something I, a white person, might not be able to acomplish. (So how is whiteness so superior I have to wonder.) I can only assume Tina had her fill of the racism in America, and decided she no longer wanted to live with it, in it, and to support it in any way even if that meant standing and putting her hand over her heart when the American flag was presented. Despite her accomplishments and fame, Tina Turner still was a black person in American society who, by default, was a second class citizen. As a result, she quietly left us to become a first-class citizen in an equal society.

The concept of America is a truly great one, but America is ill. If it takes a number of well-known people to protest in a meaningful way (as Colin K. has done) to get our attention and hopefully make a difference, more power to them/him. In my mind, by doing what he can to uphold what America supposedly is all about, Colin K. is a greater, more noble, American that the rest of us who only mindlessly follow conventions.

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