Fear of nuclear annihilation scarred children growing up in the Cold War, studies later showed
Stephanie Buck

I definitely concur with your conclusion about openness concerning the threat of nuclear war.

I grew up during the Cold War days. I remember the never-ending exercises where we hid under our desks in school, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. But, I don’t remember being too concerned. I remember hearing about bomb shelters, but it seemed they were activities that were just going on around me. Bomb shelters didn’t seem too practical to me. It’s not that I was too young to understand or didn’t care, I was just distracted by the everyday crises that were already going on in my life. Nuclear war was just one more threat. And, I wasn’t particularly afraid of a nuclear disaster.

I do believe that life definitely has been much better and brighter since those days.

Currently, I’m not convinced we’re on the brink again, despite two crazy leaders with whom anything can happen. However, I do think that everyone, including children, should be knowledgeable about current events and potential nuclear threats.