Democrats Are About To Plunge Into a Civil War
Marcus H. Johnson

I have no idea where all of this came from!!! I’ve NEVER heard or seen where ANYONE was excluded in any part of the Democratic Party. For inclusion to exist, no one needs to get on a soapbox about some particular segment of the population or need. The Democratic Party is inclusive in it’s view to champion for everyone without a lot of money in our society, no matter where the focus may be at any particular time. This doesn’t mean the Democratic Party is perfect, by any means, for anyone. Although the Party’s philosophy, during this last campaign season, included suffering blue collar workers, they weren’t pointedly addressed, as they believed they should have been. Therefore, they supported the wrong Party in thinking they would get the help they need. I’m thinking your view, right now, is along these same lines.

I left the Democratic Party for a number of my own reasons, but definitely not because of my concept of whom the Party cares about and supports. Civil war in the Democratic Party is not needed, nor is it inevitable. I think too much has been read into nothing at all. The Democratic Party, if nothing else, is the Party of inclusion for working people of every stripe and hue.

BTW, Sanders is an Independent. Ironically, the Democratic Party hasn’t been as flexible on issues that affect everyone as he, on the far left, thought it should be. The far left is where one finds the strongest inclusion philosophy, whatever the ongoing focus seems to be at any one time.

Both political Parties need overhauls. There is nothing set about the Republican Party. It is so far to the right, it cannot stay there and survive. In fact, we may end up with a totally different political paradigm if our democracy survives Trump.

Instead of trying to divide white and black Democrats, you should be working in the resistance that now is necessary if we all are to survive.

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