The party of Lincoln? Yeah, that was racist too
Ibram X. Kendi

In your specifics, you definitely are telling the history that needs to be seen and understood today. Yes…back in Lincoln’s day, both political parties were white through and through. In my opinion however, Douglas, of the Democratic Party was a “white devil.” I have to believe that Lincoln is the true hero of that age, as we see him to be heroic, because at some point, he saw and understood his mission to try and help the negro race in the U.S. through emancipation. It was a struggle for him, but one he knew was right. As I see it today, the philosopies of both political parties of the 1860’s are reversed in the public eye, because once Lincoln signed that Emancipation Proclamation he forever changed how his Republican Party of that day viewed human rights in the eyes of the public. Lincoln and his actions were an anomaly within the Republican Party, but that is not how it ended up appearing. Somehow, down the years, the Democratic Party evolved to be all inclusive progressive, while the Republican Party stagnated to become the party of the wealthy (mostly white) conservative. As a result of this history, I’ve never felt that it is effective for any Republican to proclaim that his/her Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln. It is not, unless one means that we should look behind the anomalous emancipation scene to see the stagnation of “white priviledge” that always existed in the Republican Party. And, then it is wrong to call it the Party of Lincoln anyway. (And, this may be your whole point.)

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