Marriage is the Hefty Bag You’ll Use to Bury Your Heart in the Woods

Jim, you are seriously jaded by life. Sure, marriage has it’s problems…everything does. Marriage is a system that developed in the past to help everyone in society and, for sure needs to be modernized in today’s world. As we write, it constantly is getting a gradual grass-roots makeover.

Importantly, marriage is more than a commitment of two people to live and be together. It is much more than simple licit fucking. It is a system through which society finds much needed organization in how it functions. And, it is, theoretically, a safe place in which children can grow up, receive the love and learning they need, and know who their parents are. People ususally find that they are invested in their ancestry. Ultimately, and not the least of it’s importance, marriage is a state of living in which two people who love and respect each other can deepen their love, and learn and grow together. Reaping the personal benefits of marriage is hard work. To be successful, partners need to be well matched in many ways, and be mature enough to compromise and try to see the value in other peoples’ opinions and viewpoints. Otherwise, the unhappiness and resentfulness of marriage, that you project, often develop.

Obviously, marriage isn’t for you, and shouldn’t be. But, in my opinion — thankfully, not everyone sees it, and the world, as you do.

Thanks for sharing your point of view with us. I’m sure there are other people out there who agree with you. And, I’m sure they are very happy to see such a message that confirms their fraught views. Fortunately for society in general, and specifically for future generations, yours is, in no way, a majority held view.

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