I, Racist
John Metta

John, I hear you loud and clear. And, as a white person, I feel you have put into words some concepts that I couldn’t define, but knew were there. Looking at where we’ve all come from, in this Country, we all have a long way to go to neutralize racism and forge a more inclusive, equal society. And, none of us can do it individually, for sure. To be clear, none of us white people asked to be born into a system that traps us psychologically the same as it traps you. We may have “benefitted” from skewed “priviledge” in society in superficial ways. But, all of us are connected, and really don’t benefit from unequal and unfair processes, as much as some white people may think. BTW, unless white women and children have been associated with white men, they have NOT had any part in “white privilidge.” I am a testament to that. I believe that “white priviledge” is better termed “socioeconomic priviledge.” Rich black men tend to get more respect and opportunities in society that other black people and many whites. Going forward, I’m not sure what we all need to do to change the way things are, but I believe that there are enough white people out there who care enough to change things, if they only knew and understood what the needs are…how to go about making a real difference. Believe it or not, white people are just as clueless as black people to try to make meaningful changes. That one segment of men out there who are white supremacists, are that portion of white society that has not been well-educated and isn’t well employed. These men feel threatened from all angles in society, and are afraid of losing anything positive, that they feel they do have, to anyone else. They are fearful, period. Since black people have been about as disenfrachised as poor white men are, when the poor white men see black people doing better, they are jealous and feel that black people are taking their opportunities. Nothing is going to get rid of their racism but better education and employment opportunities.

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