How do you like your eggs?
Christiana White

Meat vs. Plant

Christiana, I have to say to each his/her own but I don’t like eggs…period! I appreciate that everyone is different with different likes and needs. Just please don’t bunch everyone together in the food department.

There is much that all of us don’t know about good nutrition. And, I suspect that many of us need to eat differently than everyone else. I for one, have never liked to eat meat. I am just not and have never been a meat and potatoes type of person. My father was; he hated salads. For most of my life I have eaten the American carnivore diet and been miserable. I often said I’d go plant-based if I thought I could get enough protein. Until last year that is.

In a last ditch effort to get healthier last year, I bought some good books on plant-based eating and dove in. Ultimately, it did not help me to lose weight any more than a carnivorous diet did. But, I am much, much happier and now look forward to meals…something I thought I’d never do again. If one eats correctly on a plant-based diet, one gets all the protein one needs. There’s much misunderstanding about plant-based diets, just like there is with any other type of diet. And, I am healthier now according to my blood work. My bad cholesterol now is normal and so are my triglycerides. Both had been high, along with my good cholesterol. Go figure!

Ultimately, plant-based eating is better for the environment than carnivorous eating. But, I will let other people sort out their own dietary paths. I don’t feel it is up to me to tell anyone else how or how not to eat. Please just know that you may be angry about some facets of the food industry and the diets that are out there. But, your anger is subjective as to your experiences. Not everyone has and will have the same experiences you have had, and not everyone needs to be a carnivore.