Peace vs. Disruption

Meg, I believe that you and I may have the same understandings about politics and procedures, but I think I understand where that young lady was/is coming from.

As we all know, this division of political understanding in our Country runs deeply and seriously. It is the only such experience in my lifetime where I ever have felt and still feel panic over certain issues. As such, there is an acute feel to it. Younger people, who have a lot of energy, may feel a need for greater action. Some of them actually may believe that our side of the divide needs to rise up and wrest the power back from Trump. Therefore, any protest that brings about civil disobedience might look promising to them. I will also say that they may not realize the origins of their need to disturb.

What I’m concerned about, as time passes, is that too many progressives (many who are the young adults in our society) may actually rise up and start a civil war. I know this sounds dramatic, and I am not trying to be so. It is a real concern of mine.

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