Reflections on Consciousness

Most days I will look at the various messages Medium gives me to read and read a few of them. Medium generally is a great site, despite recent format changes that leave me ambivalent and not enthusiastic. All of the messages I see on Medium have meaning, depending upon whatever concept(s) one is/are working on personally at the time. In fact, some of the messages are quite informative, and I have learned a good deal through reading them. Thank you to all the wonderful writers out there, and to Medium.

The problem I now have, and it may be a specifically personal one, is that most of the articles I see are “old hat” to me. Yes, there is great value in people being able to express themselves through their thoughts, needs, wants and desires. But…there are only so many times that I can read about depression, being jilted, feeling unloved, etc. and continue to connect with the writer. All of these problems, and others like them, are important. That is not the issue.

Perhaps for me, it is a matter of my philosophy of life. If I see a problem, I immediately try to think of ways to ameliorate it. If it is a personal problem, I try my best to get to the source of the problem and fix or get rid of it. Admittedly, this process isn’t terribly efficient with and for some problems. For instance, depression. One usually can’t just decide to get rid of depression. Usually, it takes some counseling, along with a psychopharmceutical in order to, if not overcome the depression, to at least make a headstart on getting it under control. So, my usual plan of action is not and will not, at the least, be efficient for depression. I know this well.

And, since I’ve never had to deal with depression, or any other difficult, life altering condition like it, my solution to personal and general problems has worked well for me. Once I’ve conquered a problem, I like to move on to other challenges and conquests. Meanwhile, I’m well aware that this modus operandi can leave me appearing shallow and uncaring to those who can’t move on so quickly. To them, I apologize for the perception, as I really am someone who cares deeply for other people, their problems and their needs. I just wish to not need to go over and over a problem as though there is no solution.

All of this has me thinking right now that I may not have a home here at Medium for much longer. As much as I love everyone here, it may be time for me to find a reading/writing forum without all the personal experiences and insights on human behaviors with which to grapple. l will hang cool for a while yet and just let it all settle. Everyone here is awesome so I will hate to leave when I do, but our consciousnesses are varied, and in differing levels of growth. At some point, we all need to move on in our lives however we do that.