Everyone is collecting data on us all the time. I always assume someone is listening or watching.

Right on! Meg. However, privacy is not coming back, no matter what. You might be surprised how much is known about you, even though you try to miinize the leakage. Big Brother, and others, are watching all of us for sure.

I refuse to run scared of it all. It is what it is, and I have a life to live. I do try to live life clean, but at some point, if persecution comes, we’ll all be in the same boat with it. No one will escape because the accusations will be trumped (sorry about the pun, but isn’t it appropriate?) up against all of us.

I guess I have rethought my stance against total gun control. But, seriously, our guns won’t be enough against a screwed up, confused, thoroughly corrupted Federal force sicced on us by a crazy “leader” and his henchmen.

I have never been afraid of government, only privatization. However, the likes of Trump have never been in the White House before, but now they will be, and he is a realistic potential (at this writing) threat.

My! How quickly everything has changed.