Wow. I too am Gen X.
Meredith Hobbs

Sorry Meredith…you either weren’t around or old enough to know what happened with the healthcare plan that Hillary tried to engineer back in the early ‘90’s. I am no Hillary fan myself, and never thought I’d be defending her. It seems everyone wants to blame Hillary for everything, and it isn’t totally fair. Republicans were the ones who blocked Hillary or anyone else from coming up with a doable healthcare plan back in the ‘90’s. They always wanted to be the ones to give our Country such a plan, but never did it. Hillary is not perfect…no one is! Meanwhile, she’s done far more for people than most of the rest of us. She has worked her entire life to try to make life better for people other than herself. It’s ironic that now that because of her gender and age everyone wants to beat her up. Beat up Donald Trump instead of Hillary. He truly deserves it.

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