On the Millennial Strawvoter
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Stereotypes seem to be the norm here, since you apparently think that the world is broken up into like-thinking groups by age. I guess life experiences make certain age groups somewhat homogenous. However, some of us buck the stereotypes, norms, whatever. I am a senior citizen, but do not feel or I think, act like one. (Not that I have anything against certain behaviors.) I just HATE stale, mediocre, unimaginative, mostly dead and my so called comfort zone, which are all stereotypical senior citizen behaviors. Meanwhile, to continue, I do NOT wish to while away my time and life in a rocking chair while clinging to the likes of Donald Duck Trump for some kind of perceived security and freedom. I feel no older or different than I did when I was a young adult, and I hope to be able to continue an active lifestyle for my foreseeable forever.

Both my husband and I voted for Bernie in the primaries, and we both agree with you about this upcoming election. The age range is the only thing that Hillary and we have in common. We have NOTHING, and I repeat NOTHING in common with Trump. We are independent thinkers, who love to mess with the status quo and statisticians. We also are not fearful of the things current day conservatives find fearful.

The Trump supporters still are waging their “revolution,” but we also had a “revolution” on the other political side. It’s just that our candidate was plausible and not the more “establishment” candidate, so he had to bite the dust. Unfortunately, since we are so benign, most people probably feel they can easily forget Bernie’s revolution, even though Bernie did everything he could to give it enduring life. The Trump supporters are adamant that no one will easily forget their revolution. If they have to not only “burn the bridges” but also burn down the Country to make their anger felt, this is what they plan to do. The rage on the right is what has and continues to fuel someone who is utterly unthinkable, from every conceivable angle, towards the Presidency of the USA. Like you, I find it preposterous to think that Hillary won’t win, as the last and only resort to total and complete National lunacy.

Whatever…I’d like to think that everyone in our Nation will learn something from this hideous experience. Ironically, I have no idea what any of us should learn.

Perhaps, it’s just that the ultra-conservative Right NEEDS to learn that survival depends upon reasonable compromise. If we ALL had acted like rational adults, a few years ago, we most likely would not now be dealing with this out-of-control three-ring-circus.

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