It is far too simplistic to assign culpability to one party.
Roger J Carlson

The great political divide seriously started when the ultra-conservatives in the Federal House decided they wouldn’t compromise on anything. To name the worst of these people, but not all of them, I will call out Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan. Two of these jerks are still at it.

No oscillations in politics ever, in our lifetimes, came anywhere close to what a relatively few ultra-conservatives wrought in the 2000’s until the present in this Country. There’s a saying that there should be “moderation in everything.” I believe we all are seeing now why this is so.

And yes, such drastic ultra-conservative philosophy in action, as taken by those named Federal House members, sparked a strong response by the Democrats. Any excessive pendulum swing will engender that strong, or even a stronger, response as a means towards equilibrium in a Country wherein people are not of one mind.

People in neither political party are innocent in bringing us to this horrendous place we are in as a Country, but those referenced Republicans definitely bear the brunt of the blame. Parties, as a group of like-minded people, become corrupt. However, it is people within the parties who bring about that corruption and do the damage. It has happened on both sides of the political divide, but markedly so, recently, in the Republican camp.

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