Why Ring, Not Amazon Echo, Is The Killer IoT Product.
Seyi Fabode

The IoT and Security

What everyone who is engaging things like Alexa, etc. seem to fail to realize, although you speak often of security, is that these things threaten our personal security. They listen to us, and may surrepticiously be hacked or programmed to intentionally listen to the most private of our conversations, etc.

Sure the IoT is coming, and I’m just grateful that everything isn’t connected yet. I realize that no one has any privacy anymore, but I sure as heck am NOT going to go out there and recruit things like Alexa into my home to ensure that I can no longer speak in privacy. When the IoT truly arrives, if I am still around, I will conscientiously disconnect interoperability. I am not so lazy that I cannot do the things I always have done and done well manually. I don’t think people need to eventually lose the use of their hands and bodies through lack of use.

One of my sons is in internet security and he has warned his family about seemingly harmless things like Siri on our iPhones. As a result, we’ve all turned Siri off. Regardless, I’m not stupid enough to think that someone still can’t remotely reconnect Siri if the desire is there. In fact, one day, she “turned herself on” while my husband and I were talking and no one was touching his phone!

Regardless, I will fight this personal security threat inherent in the IoT just as hard as I can. All the men in my family work in the computer field, and they all understand exactly what I am talking about in this message. Younger people, especially, need to wise up. Our society is now well on its way to ushering in George Orwell’s “1984.”

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