Where Are the Brave White Teachers?
Treasure S. Redmond

There is a concept that I learned in elementary school, which apparently no longer is taught. It is the difference between freedom and license. Freedom belongs to everyone, until their freedom encroaches upon someone else’s freedom. Then, their freedom becomes license and is not freedom at all. This is what you are describing in your neighborhood right now. That man’s freedom of expression ends when he encroaches upon the freedom of others to not be threatened, etc. Therefore, what he is doing, is not freedom at all. He effectively is threatening those of you who fall into his sphere of hatred. Since he does not live in isolation, your community should not allow him to “walk all over the rights” of everyone else who disagrees with him. He should be made, under penalty of fine and or incarceration to take down all of his hateful display. The same should be true in every other community as well. After all, the Confederate flag finally was taken down in SC, and recognzed as the symbol of hatred that it now has become and is. It has not been allowed to be put back where it had flown for so many years, and currently is effectively kept from being displayed in public forums.

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