I’m Jewish, and I’m white
Real Talk: WOC & Allies

These are troubling and confusing times. Everything surrounding personal identity has been blurred. There are not only racial and color inequities, there are economic, social, medical and other medical inequities, with whiteness seeming to experience less of these inequities. You adeptly talked of these realities in your message. Of course, these statuses are long-standing, originating in the white supremacy of our Country’s institutional foundations from its founding. It is time to level the playing field for everyone, and our society is ripe to do so.

Regardless of how things appear to be now, I believe there is change coming for all of us. This change will be all encompassing, and it includes more than a social revolution that we all must undertake. Most likely the chaos of today is a symptom and precursor of things to come.

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