Olympic Gold Guilt
Danny Cerezo

This is a wonderful heartfelt blog, however, I cry when contestants other than US ones win Olympic medals too. I am not against US Olympic medals, but feel that the US wins far too many. In this sentiment, I am not trying to put down the years of hard work and effort that US citizens put into training for the Olympics. I see their hard work, hopes and dreams in their successful efforts to secure a medal, especially the gold one. They are just as worthy to receive these medals as anyone else is. However, at the same time, I feel that the US is getting far too many medals, especially gold ones. If this truly is a game to promote international good will, it appears to me that the US is overly dominant and setting itself up for resentment by other Countries. Perhaps these other Countries are not rich enough to allow people to do nothing but train for four years between Olympic events. Whatever, I feel that the US flaunts itself shamelessly by being too competitive in an arena that needs to be more cooperative. Just saying.