Stop Punishing Yourself with Diets and Exercise
Nia Shanks

This is such a good and welcome message. Thank you, Nia.

In addition however, I do need to say that being reasonable about eating and moving does not always help the problem of excess weight. I am proof of that. I eat plant-based meals and exercise in ways I enjoy. Despite doing what should be good for any human body, my body still tried to overwhelm me with fat and make me so heavy I had a hard time moving. I am talking about a genetic predisposition to packing on fat rings around my middle that I believe threatened my life. They certainly made it hard to walk up stairs, bend over to tie my shoes, and just plain walk very far.

When being reasonable about diet and movement doesn’t keep one’s body in good shape, the responsible thing to do is to address the fat accumulation directly and realistically. This is what I did with mine. I had mine liposuctioned. My decision to do this was a last resort, and I believe I probably gave myself a longer life by doing it. I now cannot wait to be healed and able to ride my bike, hike, swim, etc. again.

Your message is true for people who are not genetically disposed to gaining unseemly weight no matter how well they eat and move their bodies. And, it is wonderful to finally hear someone say the things you say. I couldn’t agree more that it is time we stop punishing ourselves for being who we are.

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