Trolling is a crime and should be punished by jail time and fines. It goes beyond the bounds of what should be allowed in any society. It is the expression of insecure, immature people who get their kicks, and try to build themselves up to no avail, by trying to decimate other people.

When I was in elementary school, children were taught the difference between freedom and license. Today, I believe we all know what freedom is, but most people don’t know what license is; many people confuse the two. License is the extension of personal freedom until it has encroached upon someone else’s personal freedom. In our society, especially, since license tramples upon the Constitutional rights of people, it is a crime. In cases wherein license attacks vulnerable people, it is more than a crime…it is a life-threatening experience for the victimized.

I suggest that authorities in our society pass a law on trolling and then follow up with prosecution.

And, for the trolls out there, I am sorry for your insecurity. However, if you would work towards more maturity, I believe you would feel better.

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