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Why the Political Divide is So Difficult

It is hard, so very hard! My former neighbors are conservative Republicans, who were very unhappy during the Obama years. The male half of this duo once said to me that he cared nothing about the climate or environment, and was all for bombing those with whom we have problems or a different viewpoint as a Country. This couple is now in their mid to late 70’s and have a granddaughter. Perhaps with the growing aches and pains of age, they have become intolerant of anything that is not what they believe they need or want. What really bothers me about the male’s perspective is that he spent his career in the U.S. Navy. I have always felt that our fighting people are respectable heroes…people who deserve to be respected. Apparently, they are to be respected, but not necessarily their ideas or points of view. I’ve never repected those views he threw at me.

During the campaign season, the female half of the couple stated that they were for Rubio, but of course he lost early. When it came to Trump, they were not happy about his being in the race. However, when he won the nomination, they totally changed their tunes because he represented Republican views, or so they wanted to believe. Their major pivot point was partisanship. If Trump had the Republican banner, by God they’d support him whole heartedly.

There is nothing reasonable about operating in such a manner. It is based totally upon emotions, which are very difficult to change.

I like to think of myself as a reasonable person, who operates upon logic. I respect logic, and the emotional operative I find repugnant. I’m fine with emotions…just not the emotional operative. I’m also not perfect, so I’m sure there are some small areas wherein I probably operate upon emotion. However, by and large, I can find and use logic to explain my perspectives. I believe they make sense…in the here and now and historically.

There is great difficulty today for the left in being able to handle ideas that seem to make no sense or are hurtful to other people. Not all, for sure, but way too many conservatives probably only care about themselves. They have views, feelings and needs they feel have been long passed over for the good of “other”people…people who don’t look like them, have different cultural likes and dislikes, and people who come from other Countries (many of whom are illegal). They feel these people should not be or are not Americans, and should have no rights to affect how Americans live and want to live. They are not OK with change. They had happiness and security before other people made them move out of their comfort zones. Where their rage originates is that this is happening in their own Country — their own home…after all, weren’t the white people here first? Never mind the fact that white men took the land away from American Indians. The right is the right because they are not comfortable with inclusion that they believe marginalizes or minimizes them or their likes, dislikes and concerns. Basically, these conservatives are insecure people. Insecurity is an emotion that can’t be rationalized away or fixed very easily.

And so, here we are. In the past, when Countries have been this divided over ideas, concepts and truths, it has taken tragic wars to eventually find common ground again. A couple examples here are the U.S.and the Civil War; and, Germany and WWII. I cannot see into the future, but I am concerned, very concerned.