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You are so correct that weight loss isn’t needed to love oneself. Each of us is innately lovable, no matter what society says. However, I think it is hard for people to love themselves, fat or skinny, because of cultural norms…especially us women who get so many different cultural messages. We are skinny or fat for a lot of different reasons, and eating is not the only reason why some people are fat. People should just leave other people alone about who they are and what they look like. It is no one’s business why anyone is skinny or fat.

At the same time, it is scientifically known that extra weight causes diseases. One of the reasons we get fat is due to our genetics. As I blogged about it the other day, I have just been through a battle with fat due to genetics. Why did I battle it? The reasons are two: discomfort from a fat tire pressing against my lungs; and, health concerns, such as breast cancer, which runs in my family. Extra fat, at least on a woman, spurs the body’s production of estrogen, two types of which are implicated in estrogen receptor breast cancer. Both my mother and her sister developed these cancers after being obese for at least half of their lives. I was not about to follow the pied piper on this one. Instead I had liposuction to get rid of fat deposits that never responded to diet or exercise. In fact, they just did the reverse and kept piling onto me. When I had my liposuction two weeks ago, I weighed the most I had ever weighed. It was starting to get hard for me to climb stairs, get on the floor and get back up again, etc. I shudder to think how much I may have ultimately weighed had I not had the surgery.

Just as people are fat for various reasons, people choose whatever type of surgery, for fat removal, for various reasons. We are all individuals, and our bodies are all different. Our needs are different as well. We should be making our own decisions about our bodies according to our own needs…not societal pressure.

Just continue to be your beautiful self and ignore the harrassment. It isn’t important.

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