Launching amid chaos and devastation

As an entrepreneur, I’m naturally optimistic and anyone who’s ever met me would most likely call me enthusiastic and passionate about life and our start up, where we’re addressing a universal trade-off we smartphone users have to make between being in the moment or capturing it with our phones blocking our view. So we invented a smartphone enabled viewer that enhances your view while you record and live stream exciting moments. Our product is called eyeQ, the world’s first immersive smart binoculars is launching next week 10/17/17 on Kickstarter.

But boy, do I feel conflicted with launching an exciting new product amid all the devastation and chaos happening less than an hour away from us in Sonoma county. With so many wild fires destroying entire neighborhoods leveling over 1500 structures, loss of lives, hundreds injured and thousands evacuated with nothing left but the clothes they have on.

And now the question I’m asking myself, my investors, stakeholders and early-backers is whether or not we should postpone our launch on 10/17/17 or move forward and get this baby launched. What would you do?

Mary Shulenberger

Parle Innovation /Co-Founder CEO