Public service and the power of faith
Hillary Clinton

Oh my GOD. People could, and have, write a book on why they hate you. You can invoke whomever, and whatever you want, making me throw up in my mouth, but you remain one of the most disgusting self serving creatures on Planet Earth. As a profile on Facebook look yourself up and STOP looking in the mirror, as it is lying to you as you lie to everyone, you wicked Witch #ResearchHillary. You have the balls to invoke Martin Luther King saying you met him and using his words when you were a Goldwater Girl and fought AGAINST CIVIL RIGHTS, and help squash them all over the globe. You then went on to lead the campaign for gentrification and imprisonment of minorities to serve your private prison industry, you only stopped taking money from to look good out on the trail. “Bring you to your knees” you have done to the American people with NAFTA, AND “BRING THEM TO HEEL”. Both you and your hubby know about putting people on their knees and water tends to seek it’s own level. We are mostly on our knees now hoping you will just get it over with already and GO, however that happens. Thieving greedy monster! I could go on and on but I have to WORK for a living. Bernie Sanders would have brought change to this country, and you blatantly stole the election. I will vote for Trump before you. Trust me this aint over dear. #OurRevolution You and your Corporate Oligarchs can’t stop what has begun any longer. Take Monsanto checks shove them, then light them. We WON’T DRINK POISON WATER! If there is a God he forgives me truly for hating the day you were born. #ImWithHer NOT ON A COLD DAY IN HELL

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