Hillary Clinton and Electoral Fraud
Spencer Gundert

The Data Breach that occurred in the beginning of the Campaign was done by a former employee of Hillary Clinton, working on the Sanders Campaign, who was fired. Conveniently Debbie Wasserman, who obstructed Debates in Clinton’s favor also held Bernie Sanders Data Base captive for some time, until he sued for it’s release. That was more than enough time to copy that list and purge those voters from the rolls. I got a call from an employee of Hillary Clinton last week to go out and collect voter registration, and he claimed to have gotten my private number as a Volunteer from the DNC. I gave my number only to the Sanders Campaign! The investigation being conducted in New York is being done by a Clinton Super Delegate, clearly a conflict of interest! There are many petitions circulating that can be signed. #ArizonaVoterFraud #NyVoterFraud #Voterfraud #ResearchHillary #Hillaryresearch I would not Vote for that corrupt horrible woman EVER!!!

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