Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

A late estimate this Friday, but I still wanna stay on top of this, so here we go! Tonight I’m going over to my friend’s place to watch the Olympics opening ceremony. $12 beers.

Saturday is the Dekalb Library zine fest (, which I just printed lots of copies for (I’m NOT including that Staples charge in my estimate because it hit my credit card before 6pm on Friday). $3 for irresistible iced coffee, and I’ll probably eat something with somebody at some point ($15). I’ll follow my nose for anything social afterward, but I might just stay in and clean my room / do some laundry ($11).

Sunday is beach with pals — $15 for beach snacks. Then the great convergence of minds at the Forest Hills Buffalo Wild Wings — $30, I’d guess.

$86 estimate, which would be REALLY nice because this week has been nothing but at-work good-bye lunches and it’s starting to hit the ole wallet pretty hard.

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