Monday Check-in!
Meghan Nesmith

As predicted, I stayed in Friday night — $3.29 from Duane Reade for seltzer and a Cadbury egg, the height of luxury.

Saturday I took the train halfway home ($2.75) before getting too frustrated with weekend service and just riding the rest of the way despite cold weather and my lack of adequate clothes. I got brunch ($23.42) then went thrifting ($64.85, worth it for the gold chain I got alone), then headed to my coworker’s place and got fed reeeeeally well for fr33. Then my friend’s show at the old Third Ward (glad to see that building is back, $10 for show + $12 for drinks) then headed to my friend’s party ($13 for party beer and seltzer). I lost my glove at that party, so I took the train home to avoid frozen bike hands ($2.75).

Sunday I wrote a script for a new comic and spent the rest of the daylight hours at my friend’s place eating pizza and listening to Ratking. Then I lazed out for the potluck and just bought white wine ($16.32). Train was frustratingly expensive because I don’t have an unlimited (I usually bike, but SNOW) and walking between 6th Ave and 14th Street to accommodate the L did NOT qualify as a transfer ($9.25).

Total $157.63, moderately over my estimate of $107 (I always seem to estimate $50 off). I’m feeling a little better about the breakup — had a real moment of levity on Sunday while listening to Apple by Jawbreaker Reunion.

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