Monday Check-In!
Meghan Nesmith

Deeply empathize with the shopping binge, Meghan. Every so often I feel its painful swell, like an impending cystic acne outbreak. Admirable financial honesty, too—really tempting to be like “abandon budgets all ye who enter here” after those spells.

For me, a very low-energy weekend: spent Friday night in the studio ($3.62 for seltzer and snacks), and spent most of Saturday there too ($1.75 for seltzer). I also went to a friend’s birthday picnic on Saturday ($18.51 for prosecco); good to catch up with some I haven’t seen in a while. Sunday was also all studio ($3.12 for seltzer and snacks), followed by groceries ($40.76).

Estimate was $65, total was $64.14! A rare alignment in the stars.

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