Monday Check-in, Post-Nuptials Edition
Ester Bloom

Friday I forgot I had laundry and groceries to attend to — $26.65 and $30.35 respectively. Groceries included party beers for my friend’s birthday, but I also ended up getting late night snacks for I am weak and human ($6.50). Saturday I had to refill my MTA card ($10) and get coffee on the go ($3) to get to the UWS for a picnic ($14 for provisions, $1.66 for seltzer) that the rain turned into a back-office museum visit. Later I biked back into the city for my friend’s birthday drinks ($24 for brews), then biked back for my friend’s show (I missed her set, like a doofus, but $5 for Tecate). We got bodega sandwiches afterward ($9), which I saved for lunch the next day. Sunday I helped my friend table at a convention, which was amazing — I’m so used to zine fests and expos, to go to a more conventional-convention was great! (I saw a Sexy Charlie Brown cosplay.) $3 for get-me-there coffee, $2.05 for the train back home, but -$40 in terms of table earnings. (Not great, but oh well!) Back at home, I spent $10.37 for seltzer + leg razors, then got dinner with Last First Date (he paid, Ultimate Gentleman) and watched the closing ceremonies + listened to the new Frank Ocean. Very lowkey and grounding.

Total $105.58 when I take away my convention earnings, little less than double my $65 high end estimate — but still hovering around $100, which gives me some peace of mind.