Friday Estimate!
Ester Bloom

I’m going to call it an early night tonight with minimal spending because tomorrow is Paper Jam (come through, Billfold!, and I’m tabling with a whole host of fresh zines and posters! I’ll probably end up getting tacos and a tallboy ($10) around the corner at some point during the day, but hopefully I’ll be pulling more money IN than out.

There’s also a birthday party for one of my favorites on Saturday night, so $12 for party beers and / or snacks. Then Sunday I’m listening-to-The-Life-of-Pablo-and-chilling, which should be free (but I should get groceries before that — $30). Later I’ll hopefully squeeze in a visit to my friends’ place to watch the Girls premiere, $15 for a bottle of Malbec, the official wine of publishing.

Estimate is $55, that seems gallingly / wonderfully low!

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