Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

So jealous you’re hitting up ECCC, Nicole! You probably already read Octopus Pie (, but definitely check out Meredith Gran (she’ll be tabling with Mike Holmes, another top-notch cartoonist) while you’re there, she’s the greatest in every sense!

My weekend ahead: tonight I’m donating blood, then catching a drink (or eating? Maybe just eating) with a former professor, ~$30. We’re rendezvousing in Manhattan, so if that meetup is short and sweet, I might head back uptown to hang out with another friend, orrrrr bike back to Brooklyn and catch up on sleep. $15 if I go with the friend option.

Saturday during the day I’ll spend in the studio, either drawing a one-off comic or frantically scripting for a webcomic I delusionally think I can launch before mid-May despite having to still build the website / write the damn thing, let alone draw it. At night there’s the benefit for the Dekalb Fire I did some last second art for (come on out, it’s a great lineup!, then my friend’s brithday party. $40 for beer / probable drunk food.

Sunday I’m catching brunch & catching up with a pal at Syndicated, ~$30 judging by the prices I’m seeing online. Then another $30 to re-up my groceries — I’ll probably spend the rest of the day in the studio, $2 for seltzer.

$145 high end estimate!

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