Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

Spent more than I anticipated, but not that mad about it because the small press expo went really well for me! Friday night I spent in to paint my nails / temper my pre-con anxiety.

Saturday was the expo — I kicked off the day by swinging by Walgreens to grab cash + rubber bands for posters + Reeses cups for anxiety ($27.16), and then over to a nearby cafe for coffee and lunch ($13.10). I couldn’t resist spending $11 on zines, etc. at the actual expo (thank God for trades, I usually end up blowing $50+ at these kinda things .. though I guess a trade technically puts me however-much-that-zine-costs in the hole? Ehhh, not gonna count those). Then I was off to my friend’s birthday party, $11 for party beers (Blue Moon horchata ale forever). I split a cab back to north Brooklyn for $8.96.

Sunday I couldn’t be bothered to brew coffee before my anatomy class, so I grabbed a cup on the way to the subway. ($2) Once at class, I realized the extent of my hangover, and succumbed to vending machine Vitamin Water ($2.10). My apartment completely lacked any breakfast items, so I grabbed a ham-cheese croissant at Zabar’s ($4.50, woof). A charming gentleman comped me for the Chinese food we shared while listening to The Life of Pablo, and then I had to pick up a bottle of wine to watch the Girls season premiere with Sunday dinner crew ($15.23).

I estimated $55, and spent $95.05. Still, a sub-hundred weekend! Feels like I haven’t had one of those in a while. Also, my accountant just emailed me my tax paperwork to sign off on, so …

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