Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Tonight I have to pick up my laundry ($21), but as far as activity, I’ll be in the studio sketching a flyer / a cover for a comic I’m printing soon / testing out my Microns to see which have gone to seed, so at worst I’ll re-up the studio seltzer ($3).

Saturday the fatbike race got rescheduled! It’s free since I’ll be signing up for volunteer work at the track, but I bet my pals and I will me mega hungry after ($20). Then I think I’ll spend a night reading comics / sketching character designs / writing, so no money spent.

Sunday will be an errand day — need to pick up new Microns to ink the 20-pager I just finished penciling ($30, maybe it’s time to switch to Rapidograph). Also groceries — probably around $30. I think I might do a repeat lentil recipe, since I made a new one for the past 4 weeks. I have my anatomy class at the Y, too, but it looks like the weather will behave and I’ll be able to bike there.

An introverted weekend, but still will probably cost around $104.