Friday Estimate
Mike Dang

Tonight I’m going to my friend’s opening — free booze / art! Then I’m going to another friend’s show — gonna text her to list me, but I’ll probably buy ~4 drinks (3 for myself + 1 for a friend), so that’s $20. Might pop in to another party after, but it sounds like there’s a keg there (lol), so I don’t have to bring courtesy beer, right?

Saturday I have a dental cleaning (eek). My insurance covers the cleaning itself, but I scheduled this one early in January because at my last cleaning in September, my dentist pointed out 3 “problem areas” that she wanted to shoot with an antibiotic, which wasn’t fully covered under my plan. I held off, hoping to resolve the problem with a more robust flossing / brushing routine (which I’ve mostly stuck to), so if it goes well, this will be $0 — if it goes poorly, it’ll be $150 ($50 per area, ugh). Then I have a date in Park Slope — my first date with another woman! Do … I have to pay for the drinks? What is etiquette. Probably around $30 for this one. If the date goes poorly, I’ll sneak off to my friend’s reading at my studio space — free, but I’ll probably spend $10 on drinks.

Sunday nothing is on the plate! I’ll probably spend it in the studio. $3 for a re-up to studio seltzer.

So, high-end: $213; low-end: $53.

Side-note: chalk one good thing toward The Billfold existing on Medium — I can finally comment on these threads!

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