Try{} and Catch() your Dream.

Mary Snopok
3 min readNov 4, 2021
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According to a simple and ironical JavaScript wisdom, you won’t Catch anything if you don’t Try it at all .

try…catch…finally is a statement for error handling:

Try{} statement, literally trying to perform an operation, while Catch() will handle possible exceptions and Finally{} ensure that code inside will be executed no matter what error pops up.

Try {

We all have Dreams, but not all of us dare to chase them. At least I had to be literally faced with a world pandemic crisis to reassess my life priorities, and finally got the courage to make my first step towards it.

Too many doubts hold us back, some of them might be familiar to you too. How can I abandon my current successful career? What if it turns out to be too hard for me and I fail? What if I won’t find my dream job? and so on.

I personally believe there should be a law limiting the number of “What if …” questions per person per year, it would be handy.


Catch() {

I built my entire career within the IT industry and was always fascinated with developers, mainly with their mindset, analytical thinking, and inner balance. I got so intrigued that I started leaning myself. My first steps were small and inconsistent but becoming better with each try. Lately I found an inner courage to take my learning to the next step and committed to the Technigo Frontend Bootcamp. I am currently at the very middle of this journey, and so far, it is the second most exciting learning experience I’ve ever had. The first place will forever be occupied by my MSc, which was just too exciting to compare with anything.

Some of my teammates are referring to the Bootcamp as a roller coaster with all these — “Aha, that’s how it’s supposed to be!” moments and other less joyful — “Oh, I will never get it right…”. I would rather say, programming has lots in common with rock climbing. If you ever tried it in a gym or even cooler in the wild, you would most likely get my point. To reach the top of the cliff you need to have high concentration, great stamina, proper training and reliable ​​belayer.

However, when you reach the top of the cliff you most likely will be faced with the next one. Surprisingly, that’s the main reason why I fall for programming. It is so diverse and developing so fast that new technologies are emerging, while I am writing this script (btw it is already too long)…thus it is not possible to wrap everything up and consider yourself done. Programming is a true area for lifelong learners with continuous aspiration for self-development.


Finally {

Unfortunately, I am not able to predict the future and chasing dreams might turn out to be a dangerous concept that has to be handled with extra caution. However, I would rather give it a try than asking myself yet another “What if …” question . What about your dreams?


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