Happy Dogs

You might not be able to see it, but Rossi has a toy in her mouth in this picture. She doesn’t have a care in the world. Rolling around on the floor all nice and dry and toasty on a wet and rainy November night in New England .

So she started her day off waking up on the bed. And did I mention that she’s a bed hog? A big time bed hog! We’re sleeping in a King size bed and I ended up feeling like one of the main characters in those cartoons of the person falling off the huge bed. I had to get up and actually walk around the bed in the middle of the night to get on the other side of her! And for some reason her favorite spot is right at my knees. With her being so long and lean it’s making for interesting sleeping positions (for me, not her 😳).

She’s a polite little diner.

After a leisurely start to the day, it’s out to do some business and then back in to wait for breakfast to be served. Along with being a good sleeper, she’s a good eater too. She enjoys her kibble and doesn’t bother you when you’re eating. No charging the food bowl, no barking to be fed. She’s a polite little diner :)

Then it’s onto another favorite event. The Walk. Ahhh, the Walk. The smells, the sights, the sounds. It all can be a bit overwhelming sometimes for a puppy. Especially at the beginning of the walk. Can’t decide which way to look, which side of the street you want to be on, to run ahead, or lag behind trying to pick up a stick (or a branch). So many decisions to make. But this little one is fun to walk with. She’s excited and having a blast, but responsive at the same time. She starts off sort of all over the place and then falls into a steady rhythm. It probably doesn’t hurt that I have her on my left side and bring the leash around my back side, low on my legs so that as I walk she falls into step with my stride. It’s an easy, effective (and humane) shortcut to teaching a dog to walk well on a leash and Rossi is a very fast learner. It’s always nice to walk with a dog that doesn’t try to eat everything in sight. I had a customer at my shop who had to put a basket muzzle on her dog because she would eat everything, including chipmunks and even a squirrel. Can you imagine? Apparently she was lightening fast. But this sweet pea definitley isn’t interested in things that she shouldn’t be, thank Dog for that!

Good thing she has no interest in these!

After our walk, guess where we went? She went to play with her friends and I went to work. Who do you think had a better time?

For sure it was Rossi since she has so many admirers at day care. I think my co workers like me well enough, but I certainly don’t get the welcome that she gets. She’s so excited when we pull up there and she’s laser focused on that door! She becomes very “dog” like when we go in. She’s kind of like the kid running into school and being embarrassed by their parent yelling “I love you!” She wants to play with her friends and that’s it. She knows where to go, she’s jumping up at the gate raring to get on with her day.

Who can blame her? Wouldn’t you much rather play all day than go to work? I know I would!

The kid that was embarrassed by a mooshy good bye on her way in is full on mooshy now a few hours later and she’s ready to go home (I think she’s the last to leave today). So off we go, to get her home so she can have her dinner. And sleep in any and all spots she cares to sleep in. To play or not with a veritable cornucopia of toys. Until it’s time to go out for one last pee and then off to hog the bed and sleep some more.

What a life, right? Going from one fun thing to the next. Fun for dogs and fun for anyone who gets to join in on their experience.

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