Stop Designing F**king Sh!t Experiences! Please.
Joe Pendlebury

F**KING YES! Thank you. As a mentor at an ed tech start up and working across the education sector — this is a huge issue. You cant even imagine what some of these entitled shits are building to solve serious educational issues for urban youth! Beyond the basically racist stuff and tone deaf “teen voice” efforts — there is simply a failure to understand and solve a real problem for educators or young people. This sector can be particularly challenging because the users are often young people but the customers are educators — and designing for both — ugh. So much wasted time and talent focused on what your internal team thinks people need and want. There is also an insidious cycle — when young people give strong feedback developers often dismiss it — because you know.. they are kids and more often than not they struggle academically — so what do they know? They know your shit doesn't work!

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