“Fire Rooster” Palm Characteristics

“Fire Rooster” Palm
By MTrue Palmist
Astrologically-speaking, year of the “Fire Rooster” celebrates those born in the year of 1957 (Jan. 31, 1957 — Feb. 17, 1958) or 2017 (Jan.28, 2017 — Feb. 15, 2018). To honor these special people, I’ve gathered a list of some palmistry characteristics that portray a Fire Rooster personality
*Generous Venus mounts with wide Life line and inner sister lines: Fire roosters like to pursue freedom and stimulation, rather than live a laid-back ho-hum life style. They have great passion for vigorous exercise; good food; and a lust for beautiful, colorful clothing.
* Well-developed Luna mounts: In Greek mythology, it is deemed the rooster senses what happens in the future; so ideally those born in ‘the year of the rooster’ have natural ability to divine or know what’s looming. Creatively-gifted, roosters often produce an element of surprise with their unusual solutions.
*Long Mercury fingers: Fire Roosters are skilled communicators — thus are quick-witted, sociable and very capable speakers. A long Mercury finger also reveals knack for business and money management.
*Pronounced thumb joint, and straight middle thumb segment: Fire Roosters possess meticulous concept of timing — and they will tell you like it is with no frills attached.
* Long solid free-standing Head line with forked end (blue horizontal line in image): Fire Roosters are smart, confident and independent. Not to be surpassed, they excel in solving problems with logic and creativity (note ‘fork’ on Head line end). 
* Long Fate line (white vertical in image) leaning toward Jupiter mount: An unwavering deep Fate line shows direction and purpose, typical of the Fire Rooster. When Fate line leans toward Jupiter mount, it shows ability for dealing with society — or being a well-known public figure. Fire Roosters LOVE being noticed.
*Feathered Heart line (long red horizontal line in image) ends on mid- Jupiter mount: In terms of love, fire roosters often have colorful romance-filled lives. However, they may have to wade through floods of romantic flops before finally getting it right (note ‘feathered’ appearance of Heart line — shows many ups and downs). This state of affairs can be compared to finally reaching the caboose at the end of a long train.
*Apollo line (violet vertical) with trident formation on Apollo mount: Presence of this line reveals creative nature — love of beauty and the arts. The trident ending indicates success and recognition –hallmark of a celebrity!

Written by MTrue Palmist, who has read palms world-wide for over the past 30 years and online for the last 17 years. MTrue was published countless times on Astro Abby.com which is now bridgettwalther.com, a respected and well-known Astrology site. MTrue has been on T.V; Wisdom Radio; performed at fairs and parties; Dior Event in NYC; and continues to provide accurate palmistry readings for numerous regular clientele online. Mysterypalm.com is included in the “Top 100 Palmistry Sites” WORLDWIDE. If accuracy, honesty, and sensitivity are what you desire, contact MTrue for an in-depth palmistry reading: mtrue1@centurylink.net