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CANCER the Crab (JUNE 22-JULY 23)
Cancer is a Water sign  warm, caring and sensitive — that rules the breasts and stomach and is symbolized by the Crab. The crab is a self-contained creature living in its protective shell; so Cancer’s positive aspect happens to be protection. If you are born under this sun sign, you most likely love home, domesticity, and family. Cancers usually mother their friends and family members because they deeply care.
The true Cancer will possess long palms with long fingers and thumbs, held rather protectively together. Finger nails should be conic or pointed; conic indicating creative nature, and pointed a psychic secretive nature.
Venus mount may be lined with multiple Mars Sister Lines, an indication of strength and compassion. The Luna mount should be peppered with lines of mental travel, and an intuition line.
Life, Head and Heart lines will all be watery in appearance and finely etched into a soft palm.
Life line and Head line should initially be connected by many small vertical lines which show family closeness.
Heart line should be long and fully curved which reveals greater capacity for loving.
Wrists should be adorned with at least one humped wrist rascette, revealing love for children.
Multiple ‘empathy lines’ should embed the mount of Mercury — a sign of caring and assisting those in need.
A square mark on the Jupiter mount signifies a caring, nurturing type who loves to teach and show others the way. This type of Cancer will probably position his/her pointer finger slightly away from middle finger.
Cancer deeply loves home life, so it’s a good bet you’ll see a line of divided anxiety running from inside the Venus mount up to the Saturn mount.
The negative aspects of Cancer are high anxiety and covetousness, which can be reflected in the palm by the following markings:
A much frazzled Health line signifies nerves constantly on edge; this Cancer must learn to meditate, pamper or take better care of health.
Luna mount may contain a grille mark which implies this Cancer doesn’t use energy wisely — increasing stress and anxiety levels.
As for the green-eyed monster, beware of the Cancer with a deep, long, highly set Heart line.
*Written by MTrue Palmist, who has read palms worldwide for over the past 30 years and online for the last 18 years. MTrue has published on “”, “astro”, “”, and “”. MTrue has made T.V appearances; spoken on Wisdom Radio and Empire Radio; performed at fairs and parties; Dior Event in NYC; and continues to provide accurate palmistry readings for numerous regular clientele online. is included in the “Top 100 Palmistry Sites” WORLDWIDE. If accuracy and honesty are what you desire, contact MTrue for an in-depth palmistry reading:

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